D/ES 2014 – 91 min

Director: Ventura Durall
Screenplay: Salvador Sunyer, Sergi Cameron
Director of Photography: Cyprien Clément-Delmas
Montage: Diana Toucedo

In co-production with Nanouk Films, Barcelona

Funded by MFG Baden-Württemberg

Bugarach. Nothing ever really happens in this bucolic village in southern France at the base of the mountain that gives it its name. But the villagers’ peace and quiet vanishes when the news story circulates around the globe like a viral video that this close-knit community of 194 inhabitants will be the only place on the planet to survive the December 21st apocalypse foretold by the Mayans. La Fin du Monde dives deep into the subject of the apocalypse to reflect on the fears and coping strategies of humankind in times of deep material and spiritual crisis in the Western world.


Visions du Reél Nyon, Hot Docs Toronto, DocsBarcelona, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), Trento Film Festival, Dokumenta Madrid


FIPRESCI Award for the best film at Message to Man International Film Festival St. Petersburg